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Welcome To Vita Interactive

Vita Interactive understand developing a software or providing a web solution is not just a matter of the lowest price quoted or the highest savings promise proffered. Solutions demand a lot more, price being only part of the equation along with expertise, flexibility and a spectrum of other asset. Vita Interactive is made up of well experienced consultant & management team we call it “Your E-team” (your extended team).

Vita Interactive E-team – not partner, not services provider but your extended team. We help in identifying; defining and executing your program that will help you in better cost, profits & help you focus on your business objectives.

At Vita Interactive we fully understand the responsibility of being a team mate in defining and executing your Information technology needs. With Vita Interactive as your consulting team you can be sure your IT investments are secured and rewarding from day one.

Vita Interactive Know Better

Vita Interactive uses a sophisticated approach to manage complex projects, enabling them to maximize business performance. Outcomes invariably include reduced costs and improved profitability. But Vita Interactive goes beyond to embrace factors that influence profitability, such as speed to market or market share growth by defining what is really wanted from the outsourcing arrangement at the outset.

The Vita Interactive business and tech team includes process expertise, industry knowledge and many other factors, in addition to attractive pricing. Inevitably Vita interactive is driven to look beyond cost toward deeper process improvements and business transformation. Vita interactive focus on three top objectives: reduced costs, improved processes, and the ability to focus on the core business.


Our web-based Key opinion leader platform a modular solution that can be used singly or in any combination to meet the needs of department or individuals worldwide. We can identify and engage health care professionals, maximize their influence over product adoption while safeguarding and documenting regulatory compliance. We can help deliver comprehensive, centralized view of stakeholders and organization across

Web Solutions

Vita Interactive Team, uses a variety of software languages and frameworks including, but not limited to: .NET, Java, PHP, HTML5, Flash, Action script, JavaScript, and Ajax. Database and other major technology frameworks include Oracle, SQL Server, SharePoint, Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile platforms. We can build a custom solution from scratch, and/or take on a project currently underway at any stage of development,


We have a passion for creating 3D medical animations and science is part of our DNA, so each animation project is a driving desire to create medical animations that are both educational and useful. Your project deserves cinematic quality 3D medical animations even if you have shoe string budget our animation proposal are free and we can demonstrate how medical animation can dramatically improve your profile and services.

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