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Vita interact Know Better

Vita interact works on three major principal Outcome, performance & satisfaction. From the onset we focus on helping the stake holder’s achieve maximum results.

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Experienced clients agree that outsourcing with Vita Interact helps their companies perform better, and in overwhelming numbers they report record levels of satisfaction with their experience with E team.

Apart from cost saving Vita Interact works towards two important outcomes, Performance & Satisfaction.


In simple terms, high performance outsourcing with Vita interact contributes to higher performance overall. Whether the improved performance is functions of increased profitability, improved business processes, other factors or a combination of several factors, majority of our clients have clearly seen a performance gain from the decision to outsource with Vita interact.


Satisfaction with the outsourcing experience would logically go hand-in-hand with performance, and it does. Vita interact goal is to achieve reasonable satisfaction in the first year and work towards long-term results of outsourcing satisfaction. The longer the duration of outsourcing the better is the satisfaction.

Best Practices

  • Incorporate business outcomes as a performance measure from the outset of the arrangement.
  • Provide Resource that brings a wide set of skills and strengths, and a long-term track record of delivering results, in addition to competitive pricing.
  • Give as much attention to performance measurement and the quality of relationship with your resources.
  • Use risk/reward provisions as incentives for higher-performance.
  • Use active governance to manage the outsourcing relationship for maximum performance.
  • Optimizing your outsourcing is our priority.