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Expert Team

Vita interact E-Team (Extended Team)


E-team is a virtual extension of your IT team. The E-team resources are project tested across a wide spectrum of industry domains and these resources can be made available to you on an on Demand basis. The E-team approach is to optimize your IT budget by providing a combination of strategic planning, analysis, development and solution delivery capabilities targeted to address your IT business challenges Vita interact makes E-team resources available based on your organizational requirements.

Whether those requirements demand a short term resource with critical expertise or a need for a full strategic business process analysis our E-team is ready to address your business challenges. Vita interact business approach is neither a vendor nor a partnership approach, instead E-team is a well defined engagement model principally designed to understand your unique business challenges and to address those challenges with technologically driven solutions when the needs require.

A vendor approach is most often limited in its perception of the company’s business challenges or objectives we conclude this limitation to be a blind-folded approach. Partner approach may require the company to share in the risk of development, timeframe or outcome from the recommended solution, the E-team solution makes no such requirement of the E-team customer.

The Vision

At E-team we put more emphasis on resolving business challenges. Our vision is to assets our clients in planning, qualifying and execution of the solutions by providing them with a value analyze and a virtual team.